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generate reading comprehension exercises of any article in 1 click.

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READily is a portal to generate reading comprehension exercises according to any articles in one click.  With READily, we hope to provide tailor-made language learning experiences to students.

Create High-quality Learning Resources

A learning platform that helps you create engaging and interactive content. 

Cater different Learning Needs

Learning material tailored to your unique learning style and preferences.

Raise Students’ Learning Motivation

Improve your students' performance by providing exercise that suit their abilities and interests.


Why should you use READily?


save up to 80% of time of preparing an exercise by yourself


create customized exercises that  can suit different students’ abilities and interests.

Easy to Use

generate reading comprehension exercises of any article in 1 click.

How it works

How to use?


Copy and paste

Copy an article and paste it on READily



A list of reading comprehension questions together will be automatically generated


Proofread and edit

Proofread and edit the questions as you see fit



Download the worksheet in DOCX format

Anson Li

Private English Tutor

I think READily provides another affordable option besides generating questions myself. I can easily find the passages for my students without skimming on the internet.

Oscar Woo

Private English Tutor

The service provided by READily would be very convenient and useful for us private tutors, who need to spend time finding exercises that could strike a balance between students’ abilities and interests.

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