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Your Customized Exercise Generation Tool. Generate reading comprehension exercises of any article in one click.

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READily is a portal to generate reading comprehension exercises according to any articles in one click. With READily, we hope to provide tailor-made language learning experiences to students.


Why should you use READily?


Save up to 80% of time of preparing an exercise by yourself


Create customized exercises that can suit different students’ abilities and interests.

Easy to Use

Generate reading comprehension exercises of any article in 1 click.

Anson Li

CUHK English Education Year 1

"I think READily provides another affordable option besides generating questions myself. I can easily find the passages for my students without skimming on the internet."

Oscar Woo

CUHK English Education Year 2

"The service provided by READily would be very convenient and useful for us private tutors, who need to spend time finding exercises that could strike a balance between students’ abilities and interests."

Discover READily.

Make Teaching Material Without Pain, But With Fun and Gain.

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How to use


Step 1

Copy and paste

Copy an article and paste it on READily.

Step 2


A list of reading comprehension questions together will be automatically generated.

Step 3

Proofread and edit

Proofread and edit the questions as you see fit.

Step 4


Download the worksheet in DOCX format

Who is using


The following schools have registered for a Readily account and participated in the trial program. Thank you for your support! (Listed in no particular order)


  • 聖公會李炳中學

  • 中華基督教會基智中學

  • 將軍澳香島中學

  • 浸信會呂明才中學

  • 香島中學

  • 港九潮州公會中學

  • 沙田培英中學

  • 新界喇沙中學

  • 旅港開平商會中學

  • 九龍真光學校(Harries)

  • 羅定邦中學

  • 嗇色園主辦可藝中學

Other educational institutions:

  • DY English

  • 信報英文學生報INKY